About Us: greatcharlie.com serves as an independent and objective voice in foreign and defense policy debates globally.

At greatcharlie.com, our goal is to serve as an independent and objective voice in foreign policy debates globally.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide perspectives that are a bit different than what might be found on other blogs. We look at both urgent and important issues and project likely outcomes for the near term and short term.  

Our insights are not far-fetched ruminations aimed at drawing followers prone to reading sensational comments. They are not politicized ideas designed to draw followers of a certain political persuasion as expedient. Further, we do not attempt to persuade or manipulate.  Our goal is to provide more than the mere facts of breaking news reports.  We focus beyond the us-them simplicities and attempt to shed light upon the players and ideas that are moving events being reported forward from the inside. We highlight facts that have value and give real meaning to statements made, actions taken, and events that occur.

We are not simply regurgitating comments and articles we find. We collect tweets, comments, and articles, interpret their meaning, determine their relative value to the issue at hand, and then present them for our readers in tweets and posts that we alone write for our blog. Our analytical approach is somewhat similar to intelligence analysis at the strategic, tactical, and also the operational level in governments. Given this, ideas in tweets and posts presented on greatcharlie.com are very likely to parallel ideas being shared during debates among political leaders and policymakers in capitals involved in events being reported other than Washington.

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