Senator McCain Makes Trip To Syria, Visits Rebels

Last night, it was reported that Senator John McCain made a trip to visit Salim Idris and the Free Syrian Army on the front line to discuss the conflict in Syria. Mollie Reilly of The Huffington Post covers the Senator’s trip in her latest article, found here.  It was courageous, bold and impressive. It was an old school way of fact finding reminiscent of Joe Biden’s many trips as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visiting conflict zones around the world.

Taking great personal risk on Memorial Day, regardless of security measures taken, Senator McCain demonstrated the type of American heroism and sense of duty celebrated on the day. The Senator, a proponent of air strikes in Syria, to support the Free Syrian Army, will eventually make his findings known.

Whatever one might think of the trip, it is clear that Syria is a very hot issue.  This recent trip, in conjunction with the bill passed in the Senate, proves there is definitely some political support in the US for military action in Syria.

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