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At greatcharlie, our goal is to serve as an independent and objective voice on foreign and national security policy globally. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide perspectives that are a bit different than what might be found in other blogs. Posts on greatcharlie are regularly issued. They are developed from New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal articles as well as other newspapers of record. News stories and commentaries from the articles found are not simply regurgitated. In the preparation of greatcharlie posts, newspaper articles are collected, information reported is interpreted, and readers are provided an analysis of the information’s importance relative to the issue at hand. Insights shared in our blog posts are not far fetched ruminations to draw followers prone to reading sensational comments. They are not politicized ideas designed expediently to draw followers of a certain political persuasion. The hope of greatcharlie is to stimulate the public debate, globally, on foreign and national security policy.

The effort to stimulate the policy debate is also promoted on Twitter. Under the Twitter handle @greatcharlie1, posts from greatcharlie are tweeted and articles from the newspapers of record mentioned and a variety of others from around the world are retweeted to help keep others in the “Twitterverse” informed of urgent and important issues.

Our analytical approach is somewhat similar to analysis at the strategic, tactical, and also the operational level in governments. Given this, both blog posts and tweets, presented from greatcharlie are very likely to parallel ideas being shared during debates among political leaders and policymakers in capitals involved in events being reported in Washington, DC and beyond.

In sum, greatcharlie is out there and part of the policy debate. As a promise, we will never seek to manipulate or persuade. We will simply provide commentary and unsolicited advice for foreign and defense policy makers, political and business leaders, and policy aficionados, worldwide. We at greatcharlie welcome you! Always feel free to contact us on our blog or by email at contactgreatcharlie@gmail.com.

Non nobis, Domine, sad nomini tuo da gloriam.

Mark Edmond Clark, Founder/Editor

1 thought on “About Us

  1. Through a fortunate circumstance, I have received your review of my book “Cloud of Witnesses” as it appeared on your GreatCharlie website. – I want to say that I was delighted to read it – for it was like reading my own work anew. And it was the finest review of the book that I have had the privilege to come across. Thank you for taking such care in the reading – and writing.

    While some would say that I am the polar opposite of a gifted diplomat, I have recently done a short book on items of diplomatic interest in World War II – which I see was just reviewed in London. “Principalities and Powers.”

    Yours sincerely,
    George William Rutler

    1. Should the Pope push through the canonisation of Pius XII …
    Catholic Herald

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