To Our Readers: An Important Note

With deep regret, greatcharlie has removed a number of  posts from its blog for an indefinite period of time. Some time ago, an extremely reliable source made greatcharlie aware that those posts were being used by dishonorable individuals to support grossly false claims that greatcharlie was an instrument of the Russian and Iranian governments and the further claim that there was a pro-Russian and pro-Iranian bent to greatcharlie’s essays and reviews. The false claims particularly concerning his ties to Iran have been propagated with a shocking level of frequency and excessive degree of vigor. It was concluded by greatcharlie that removing the posts was the only way available to halt the false claims and continued misuse of our content. Two posts currently on greatcharlie that are being continuously misused by the dishonorable individuals to somehow support their false accusations against Clark are entitled, “Chechen in Syria a Rising Star in Extremist Group; US Must Act in Iraq Now to Eclipse Such Stars!” posted on July 9, 2014, and “Obama Wrote Secret Letter to Iran’s Khamenei about Fighting ISIS; Khamenei Is Counting on Suleimani, Not US Cooperation” posted on November 19, 2014. (Incidently, both titles were drawn from New York Times headlines.) A decision on whether to remove those six-year-old posts from the blog of 150 posts has not been reached yet.

In the spirit of full disclosure, greatcharlie must inforn its readers that a very reliable source has also repeatedly indicated to us that the wrongful use of our blog is actually part of a larger, very unusual effort in violation of the rights of the blog’s founder, Mark Edmond Clark since 2013. Note, however, that hostile acts against Clark by certain dishonorable and unscrupulous individuals actually began at least two years beforehand. The wrongful use of essays and book reviews from greatcharlie to fallaciously establish Clark’s ties to the Russian and Iranian governments and falsely prove a supposed pro-Russian and pro-Iranian bent to Clark’s writing was conducted with the intent to support even greater false claims made by dishonorable individuals that he was a threat to US national security. (In addition to the information provided by “very reliable sources”, the New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) identified the dishonorable individuals engaged in illegal actions against Clark as federal officials and contractors working at their behest. A NYPD sergeant quoted one of the federal officials stating to him incredulously in 2014 that they were “interested in an international matter concerning Clark outside the scope of the NYPD’s mission.”) Two additional absolutely false claims that the dishonorable individuals are still propogating are that “Clark was a government analyst,” flattering themselves, connecting Clark to any government work in which they are engaged, making such and “Clark trained foreign troops overseas,” which is shear fantasy. When these outright lies are told, no information is ever provided as to the specific government organizations that Clark supposedly worked for when he allegedly carried out these activities. The most basic research into Clark’s background would easily and completely disprove these ridiculous claims made by the dishonorable individuals. A third false claim, rather odd and remote yet tacked on the others, is the insistence that “Clark is afraid of dogs.” That is an utter lie, conjured up undoubtedly with the same vacuity and enthusuasm as all of the dishonorable individuals’ other lies. Most recently, to Clark’s utter shock, it was revealed to him the greatest false claim of all has been made by the dishonorable individuals. They have made the incredulous claim that Clark is has been long engaged in espionage against the US. This claim is so absolutely false, that it may serve as an indication of some considerable psychological problems amongst the dishonorable individuals. It is impossible to believe that anyone of sound mind would state something completely false to a great number of people without having any ability whatsoever to support it with truth. Nevertheless, the false claim has been made. At the start of 2020, Clark was informed that the dishonorable individuals for years had claimed he once served in the US Navy. Clark never served in the US Navy or US Marine Corps for that matter. These fact can also be easily verified. How foolish it would be for anyone who actually knows Clark to believe any of the dishonorable individuals false claims. Any one who might investigate this matter should know that these problems were in fact initiated by a rogue FBI Special Agent, John Consoli, who held an irrational dislike of Clark and promised him some time ago that he would hurt him by making certain that Joint Terrorism Task Force in New York acted against him. In Consoli’s words: “Once they are in you, they will never let you go!” At that time, Consoli was apparently a member of what was called the “Iran Unit” of the FBI’s New York Office. Clearly, Consoli set forth on that hostile, wrongful path as he vowed with the help of other FBI Special Agents. Along the way, other federal agencies saw fit to jump in on the unwarranted effort to destroy Clark’s life and the lives of his elderly mother and young daughter. Doubtlessly following the inception of the attack against Clark, no further manipulation by Consoli was required to encourage the other federal agencies to seek a piece of action in a well-budgeted cooperative effort against him. (Note: FBI Special Agent John Consoli once attempted to draw a pistol on Clark in the quondom Three Star Diner in New York and was stopped with force by a fellow FBI Special Agent, Mark Kellert who was present, essentially saving Clark’s life. Further, this particular John Consoli is very well known to, and once sought by, Italian authorities.)

According to another very reliable source, in addition to their misuse of essays and reviews on greatcharlie, the same dishonorable federal officials and contractors, with promise of significant remuneration, encouraged Clark’s ex-wife, who shall not be named here, to write numerous damaging false statements, with the purpose of supporting their false claims about Clark as being a threat to society and a threat to US national security. That in turn enabled them to secure authority, reportedly from the US FISA Court, to engage in a very costly, wide-ranging, and needless surveillance operation against him, as well as conduct a very destructive, very apparent “dirty tricks” campaign against him of which a record has been kept by Clark. Clark had battled his ex-wife, unnamed here, in an extremely contentious divorce in which the custody of his daughter was at the forefront. Thus, his ex-wife, had a pre-existing animus toward Clark and had indicated more than once that she had a personal aim of severely harming him. In numerous trenchant false statements she provided against Clark, nearly all concerned completely imaginary activities that he purportedly engaged in with foreign governments. Again, based on very reliable sources, she continues to provide similar absolutely false statements to date, even though Clark has had no contact or communication of any kind with her for nearly three years. If reports that Clark has received that his ex-wife’s false and absolutely unverifiable statements about him have been used to secure warrants from the US FISA Court by the dishonorable individuals are true, and there is no reason to believe they are not true, then the dishonorable individuals have acted to intentionally defraud that court in their effort to wrongfully steal away Clark’s rights as a US citizen and irreparably harm him. Reportedly, his ex-wife was introduced to the dishonorable individuals who encouraged and paid her to write the false statenents by a parent named Sylvia Kovac at his daughter’s school. In 2013, Kovac had been directed by the same dishonorable individuals to establish clandestine contacts with Clark. After contact with the same dishonorable individuals, Clark’s daughter’s school, itself, eventually became involved in the matter. Vigilante actions by parents at the school, mostly surveiling Clark and engaging him in leading conversations, directed by members of the school’s security office, specifically Lou Uliano and Joseph Pignataro, both formerly of the NYPD. That wrongful activity was approved by the head of the school, then Joan Lonergan and the then head of the lower school, Frank Patti. Those activities were intensified when Clark’s daughter entered the Middle School and the school was placed under the new leadership of Tara Christie Kinsey. Note that the school and parents were paid handsomely by the dishonorable individuals for engaging in such activity. This had a devastating psychological impact on Clark’s young daughter. Clark’s inquiries with school officials into what was transpiring were met with terse denials. Once Clark’s daughter entered the Upper School, and few parents would pick up their daughters when classes ended at 3:00PM, any time Clark came within the vicinity of the school to drop his daughter off by taxi or meet her in the street, the school’s security director Joseph Pignataro, with assistance of the dishonorable individuals as spotters, would have Middle School parents along with their daughters, aggressively surveil Clark. This had a further devastating psychological impact on Clark’s daughter. Far more sinister steps were undertaken by school security officials, surely to the satisfaction of the dishonorable individuals, to eviscerate Clark’s reputation among school faculty, staff, and especially school families. (Clark maintains a list of individuals, too long to enumerate here, and the dates and times in which they engaged in such activity which he can make available to investigators.) The effect of the hostile activities of school security and other school officials has been to constructively eject Clark from the school community and destroying any chance that Clark could ever have a positive, authentic relationship with his daughter’s school. (Note, as Clark observed, that the dishonorable individuals and their operatives had absolutely no compunction about engaging in their wrongful, nefarious, vacuous, activities in a school, hospital, or house of worship.) Away from the school, itself, but in its vicinity, there were also efforts by operatives organic to the organization in which the dishonorable individuals worked to establish clandestine conversations with Clark. In 2013, the initial effort was made by a writer named Nunyo Demasio. His apparent goal was to encourage Clark to make negative statements about the US government and incriminating statements about himself. Many others have attempted to engage Clark in clandestine conversations. Parents from the martial arts school that his daughter attended while in 2nd and 3rd Grades would absurdly don sunglasses and come down to her high school during pick-up time to track Clark and his daughter as they walked home. Another effort included having individuals familiar with Clark contact him with emails, all essentially with the same message, insisting that he contact them immediately and answer some frightfully meaningless questions. Those who engaged in such behavior can be readily identified by Clark by name. They can also be identified via their emails, text messages, photos, and through Clark’s telephone logs. An authentic patriot and Founding Father of the US, James Madison, in describing the mob mentality of such individuals organized as vigilantes by the dishonorable individuals and their operatives for such a sinister purposes, perfectly stated that they were, “united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adverse to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.”

The unjustified surveillance and an apparent fraudulent investigation of Clark supported by the use of false statements also included the use of the harsh, technique of “raking”. Through that technique, the effort was made by the aforementioned dishonorable and unscrupulous individuals to influence anything and anyone associated with Clark or anyone with whom Clark came in contact. Organizations, businesses, lawyers, doctors, his daughter’s pediatrician, tax preparers, bank staff, school officials, literally any individuals with whom Clark spoke and any employees in any establishment in which he shopped, were intercepted and told the most odious things possible about him. The dishonorable individuals have sought to assure Clark would not be able to enjoy the warmth of authentic human contact. They insisted upon getting in between Clark and his contacts with anyone. The overwhelming majority of those who heard such statements from the dishonorable federal officials and contractors, who presumably mistakenly believed that they were receiving information from a credible source, and after being offered remuneration, and perhaps becoming excited over the idea of spying against an “officially” declared “enemy”, were quickly convinced that Clark was a threat to society and a threat to US national security. They ostensibly relieved themselves of doubt or guilt by accepting that they were acting against him upon the direction of their government. As a clerk working in a neighborhood Duane Reade pharmacy on 86th Street and 1st Avenue, told Clark, “We just follow orders!” For Clark, creating new relationships or acquaintances of any kind, business or personal, eventually became impossible due to the immediate interference of the dishonorable federal officials and their contractors between him and anyone else. (Remember, this extreme situation has existed for Clark for over eight years! The actual surveillance has been underway for over a decade.) It would seem that not much could have been worse than to have federal officials and their contractors propagate ideas that would bring the loyalty of a patriotic citizen as Clark into question. Such false claims tragically tend to stick even after the truth has been revealed. The dishonorable individuals, however, have commumicated things that were far worse! The dishonorable individuals are apparently so lacking in self-confidence, that they have felt the need to compensate for that deficit via the development of an egotistical mindset that has led them to brag about their power and capabilities to their “operatives” and amazingly, in Clark’s case, go as far as to spread rumors of their plans to injure and even kill him and members of his family. That particular behavior was especially prevalent in the Fall and Winter of 2015 during which Clark was repeatedly warned by some long time acquaintances (whose names Clark can reveal to an investigator), who, to their great surprise, were contacted by the dishonorable individuals.

When examined, elements of the aggressive surveillance have left little doubt that the dishonorable individuals have also clumsily engaged in a far less thoughtful simulacrum of the East German Stasi (State Security) technique of psychological harassment of perceived enemies known as Zersetzung, a term borrowed from chemistry which literally means “decomposition,” but involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. Zersetzung was designed to side-track and “switch off” perceived enemies so that they would lose the will to continue any “inappropriate” activities. The disinformation and “dirty tricks” aspects of the dishonorable individuals campaign against Clark and his family appear to be part of their imitative Zersetzung program. In the case of Clark, however, neither he nor his mother and daughter have ever engaged in any inappropriate activities that have needed to be halted. On far more occasions than not, those taking direction from the dishonorable federal officials and contractors displayed extraordinarily hostile attitudes toward Clark and committed aggressive, even violent acts against him while engaging in their untrained, unskilled surveillance.  It has all been vigilantism in a particularly odious form. Clark’s elderly mother, now 89, and young daughter have also faced the same or worse attitudes and behavior from quickly recruited, ad hoc “operatives”–some hired astonishingly right off the street–as they engaged in their amateur surveillance activities against them. Reportedly, those taking such overzealous actions have been showered with praise and support, and payments, from the dishonorable federal officials and contractors. They further manipulate their amateur operatives by telling them that by engaging in such aggressive action they prove themselves to be “true patriots!” A plethora of evidence available indicates the wrongful actions outlined here as well as many others, all of which violate their First Amendment rights of Clark and his family under the US Constitution are unfortunately still being conducted against them as of this writing, particularly inside the apartment building in which they live. Main offenders engaged in this activity over the past four years in the apartment building in which Clark resides on East End Avenue in Manhattan include tenants: Seth Balsam; Leonardo Celestino; Joel Weisberg, Dana Rolf, Joseph Cohen; Jim Cronin; Elaine Ann Cronin; John David Griesedieck; Abby Reeves Griesedieck; Ira A. Altman; Susan Levkoff; Sebastian Teslic; Jay Desai; Dorothy Chan; Joanne Chan; John Lysohir; Pamela Lysohir; Robert Terry; Barbara Ainslie; Austin Hayden; Nesrin Salkin; Melissa Iorio; Erin Yurkewecz; Laura Nardelli; Christina Zugor; Maureen Linehan; Jennifer Marian Lee; Christopher Gonzålez-Ribot; Allegra Lugo; Christopher P. Cau; and, Barbara Frankfurt. The names of many other tenants engaged in hostile behavior toward Clark’s family are also known. The unrelenting, attrocious behavior of Joel Weisberg, Laura Nardelli, Barbara Frankfurt, Leonardo Celestino, and Christopher Gonzålez-Ribot, in particular, has far surpassed that of all others. In addition to making threatening comments and obscene gestures to Clark, which were reported to the NYPD, Celestino, who lives in the apartment above him, regularly creates disturbances by literally hammering on the floor throughout his apartment at all hours–at times the hammering sound was deafening, moving chairs across the floor in the early morning hours, and is constantly accessing and pulling on the wiring in the walls. When Celestino’s behavior was reported to the Superintendent, nothing was done concerning it. Instead, Clark received an email from the landlord insisting, with the threat of eviction, that he not disturb the other tenants. One morning in late May 2020, Frankfurt stood with her dog in the hall of Clark’s apartment floor, and for reasons unknown waited six feet from his apartment door. When Clark’s young daughter arrived on the floor by elevator and walked casually toward her own home, Frankfurt, standing only a few feet away with her dog, declared to her “If you come near me I will call the police!” Clark’s daughter did absolutely nothing to provoke Frankfurt. (Frankfurt is a former employee of the landlord of Clark’s apartment building.) Untrained for surveillance, or such “active measures”, each tenant and perhaps 99 percent of all other untrained operatives of the dishonorable individuals would undoubtedly confess to their activities when questioned by an experienced investigator. (An especially revolting aspect of the actions of those recruited to engage in surveillance against Clark and his family is a decision by those “untutored operatives” to include their own children in their activities. They will hold them as shields as they try to get closer to Clark; bring them to locations where Clark and his daughter may be seated and move their children as close to them as possible; or, have the children block a means of egress for Clark, literally placing them in his path. Tenants in Clark’s apartment building regularly engage in this abhorrent action. It is horrible to watch. It is hard to imagine how those individuals live with themselves. One individual who was recruited by the dishonorable individuals to spy on Clark and his family and formerly engaged in this practice of using his own children when surveilling them, admitted to Clark that the dishonorable individuals strongly suggested surveillance recruits who were parents, include their children in their activities. Reportedly, the dishonorable individuals assured their operatives that Clark would never be aware of how the children were being used as “props.” One might presume that the remuneration for the surveillance work is increased when parents include their children. Children were reportedly presented with little gifts from the dishonorable individuals. It is unsettling to regularly observe how the natural sensibilities of parents to protect their children from trouble or a slight possibility of harm can be so easily overcome by the lure of easy money. [Note: Since the time this information was included, the use of children in the dishonorable individuals wrongful surveillance activities against Clark and his family, particularly in restaurants and cafes, has increased twice as many times in new, more disturbing forms.])

It has been repeatedly called to Clark’s attention by his apartment building landlord that there have shockingly been numerous complaints filed with the NYPD about his alleged “hostile and threatening behavior” against other tenants in his apartment building. From all that Clark has been told, a bundle of fraudulent complaints from tenants were all filed contemporaneously in 2018. It is odd in itself that so many complaints about individual negative contacts with Clark would reported at the same time. However, more importantly, Clark has the great benefit of being able to provide proof of his whereabouts at all times and of knowing he has not initiated any contact with any tenants since he arrived in the apartment building. The contacts he has had unfortunately have been those occasions in which hostile tenants, without provocation, have approached him suddenly and levelled threats at him. Contact with Clark’s family has occurred when aggressive tenants have engaged in dreadful behavior toward his mother and daughter without provocation from them. Without a shadow of doubt, the complaints made to the NYPD against Clark are all false complaints. It is extremely possible that the mass reporting of complaints against Clark by tenants was a tactic encouraged and organized by the dishonorable individuals. Many of those who made complaints against Clark had likely never been in contact with the police before. Again, with the benefit of knowing he did not engage in any of the behavior reportedly alleged in the complaints, Clark is also well aware that not one complaint made against him can be substantiated. Indeed, they are all unverifiable. Further note that not one complaint was made under oath. In fact, the type of complaints that were reportedly made, can made by anyone, against anybody, for literally any reason

While it may have appeared to be a foolproof, no risk action to take against Clark, and it may very well be that the dishonorable individuals may have convinced tenants in Clark’s apartment building that such was the case, in reality, making false complaints to the NYPD is a violation of the law. Under New York  Consolidated Laws, Penal Law – PEN § 240.50, Falsely reporting an incident in the third degree, a person is guilty of falsely reporting an incident in the third degree when, knowing the information reported, conveyed or circulated to be false or baseless, he or she gratuitously reports to a law enforcement officer or agency (a) the alleged occurrence of an offense or incident which did not in fact occur;  or (b) an allegedly impending occurrence of an offense or incident which in fact is not about to occur;  or (c) false information relating to an actual offense or incident or to the alleged implication of some person therein. The penalty for engaging in such a violation of law could be as much as imprisonment for one year. If a tenant, who made one of the complaints among the bundle of the complaints supposedly filed against Clark to the NYPD, would be willing to discuss why they made them in an interview with any investigators, it would almost certainly be revealed that they were prompted by the dishonorable individuals to engage in such behavior. Along with providing remuneration to tenants in Clark’s apartment building in return for their assist in violating Clark’s First and Fourth Amendment rights under the Constitution, and securing numerous false statements about Clark from his ex-wife, unnamed here, and Sylvia Kovac which were reportedly used wrongfully to secure FISA Court warrants, the request that tenants violate the law by making false complaints to the NYPD evinces a pattern by the dishonorable individuals of encouraging and supporting unlawful actions by all of their “operatives” against Clark and his family.

Certain parties associated with Clark’s apartment building management have made written threats to use NYPD police complaints from tenants that he possesses, all of which are absolutely false, in court proceedings to harm Clark and remove him from his apartment. Under § 210.35 of Article 210 of New York Penal Law, Part 3, Title L, a person is guilty of making an apparently sworn false statement in the second degree when he subscribes a written instrument knowing that it contains a statement which is false and does not believe to be true. Making a sworn false statement in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor. Again, as aforementioned, Clark has the benefit of knowing he did not engage in any of the behavior reportedly alleged in the complaints. Clark is also well aware that not one alleged complaint made against him can be substantiated. Clark can substantiate his own claims of his whereabouts at all times. At no time was he aggressive toward other building tenants, engage in threatening behavior, or initiate any negative verbal exchanges with any tenants. Clark has gone out of his way to avoid engaging other tenants.

According to Clark’s daughter, a building back elevator operator who works predominantly as a doorman, George Semeniouk, regularly makes unspeakable misogynistic comments toward her grandmother and her on mornings when they are on their way to her school. He has on more than one occasion threatened to harm Clark. Doorman Lech Stepien had sought to engage in clandestine conversations with Clark on behalf of the dishonorable individuals during 2017, 2018, and better part of 2019. (While he would consistently ask Clark specific and intrusive questions about his work, Stepien’s purpose for the dishonorable individuals was to authentically engage Clark to support their wrongful claims of statements, all of which were untrue, that Clark supposedly made to him.) Having failed to entrap Clark, Stepien took a hostile posture toward him from that moment on. When at the concierge desk, he turns his back or walks away from it whenever Clark enters or leaves the building. When other building employees are present with Stepien when Clark is entering or exiting the building, according to what a couple of those employees have told Clark, he makes ugly statements in Polish referring to Clark as something less than human. As the supervisor/scheduler of the building’s doormen due to his seniority, surely not capabilities, Stepien insists that other doormen cooperate with fully with the dishonorable individuals despite the reluctance of some to do so. The behavior of both Semeniouk and Stepien has been encouraged ultimately by the apartment building superintendent, Marek Kurkarewicz. Kurkarewicz has also encouraged contractors working the building, doing renovations or repairs and relatively transient, to engage in hostile behavior toward Clark and his family, to include making outrageous lewd comments toward his young daughter. Kurkarewicz has done much on behalf of the dishonorable individuals to spread the lie among old tenants and all new tenants, that Clark Is an “enemy spy.” Further, he has encouraged them to become fully involved in the wrongful surveillance of Clark and his family. Finally, to respond directly to an absolutely false claim concerning Clark’s status in the apartment building, he is not simply a visitor or resident but his full name is on the executed apartment lease and he has a hard copy of that document to prove that. Efforts have been made for nearly 5 years to spread false information that Clark was not on the apartment lease. (For all those concerned, be advised that a lease is a contract between a landlord and a tenant, containing the terms and conditions of the rental. It cannot be changed while it is in effect unless BOTH parties agree.) Presumably, the dishonorable individuals want to claim that they did not violate Clark’s First and Fourth Amendment Rights in his apartment building by using deception to falsely establish, and convince anyone involved or interested, that Clark is not a full-fledged tenant there. Clark is due all of his Constitutional Rights as tenant signed on to the apartment lease, and his rights have been violated for countless months by the dishonorable individuals and their operatives, apartment building tenants and employees. Further, Kurkarewicz would provide the apartment building landlord with false, disconcerting reports about Clark to include lies about him openly threatening building tenants and employees, prompting the landlord to send Clark emails, the last one as recent as February 2020, threatening to evict his family from the building if the behavior reported by Kurkarewicz continued. The threats have been made despite the fact that the landlord could not substantiate any of the fictitious claims concocted by Kurkarewicz. Any possibility for a positive relationship between Clark and the landlord was successfully destroyed by Kurkarewicz. An apartment building employee who acted essentially as Superintendent Kurkarewicz’s executive officer or sidekick in all matters concerning the wrongful treatment of Clark and his family is Arthur Passamonik. By his own admission to Clark indirectly, subtly, yet undoubtedly, Passamonik has had access to a curious set audio and video surveillance tools directed at Clark’s apartment. This access has existed uninterrupted for 4 years. Passamonik finds the fact that he has been presented access to the surveillance tools by the dishonorable individuals responsible for the overall illegal, intrusive, and wrongful surveillance if Clark and his daughter and mother as quite humorous. While Clark made requests for repairs in his apartment, Kurkarewicz ignored his requests and problems in the apartment have been left unrepaired for almost 5 years. It is unclear whether the apartment building landlord is fully aware of the extent of the audio and video surveillance of Clark in the apartment building. (It has been made apparent to Clark that other tenants in the apartment building hostile to Clark, given comments and behavior, such as Leonardo Celestino, have also been provided access to feeds from the audio and video surveillance tools directed at Clark apartment by the dishonorable individuals.)

Lastly, in one of the saddest parts of the whole matter of apartment building staff behavior is that concerning Chris Warsawa, a doorman. Warsawa, as with other members of the apartment building staff became involved with the surveillance of Clark and his family inside the apartment building shortly after their arrival. He was a porter then. Soon after being promoted to doorman by Kurkarewicz, he was fully involved with all aspects of surveillance and harassment activity at the behest of the dishonorable individuals, to include: facilitating the wrongful surveillance actions of tenants; refusing to provide Clark with names of tenants who were rude and discourteous to him as well as his mother and daughter; denying the wrongful behavior of tenants and staff when asked; call Clark ostensibly to discuss his deliveries and mail; and, providing and doing anything else the dishonorable individuals asked him to do against Clark. When he actually witnessed or was made aware of occasions when tenants misbehaved toward Clark he would do nothing but presumably report it to the dishonorable individuals as part his responsibilities to them. On occasion when Clark asked Warsawa the name of another tenants, Warsawa would only say the tenant’s name was “Joel.” Suddenly, everyone was named Joel. Soon enough, Warsawa’s conversations with Clark, although they concerned apartment building business, were being used by the dishonorable individuals to claim Warsawa had established clandestine contact with Clark, an important goal for them. Clark is well-aware that any contacts Warsawa has with him now are transmitted as captured clandestine conversations to the dishonorable individuals much as Lech Stepien had done before Clark began to avoid him completely. As Warsawa is the youngest member of the apartment building staff and seemed initially to be of good nature, Clark tried to convince him to move away from the dishonorable individuals. For months, Clark has sought to explain to Warsawa why the surveillance and all other harassing activity was not only wrong but illegal. All of Clark’s efforts came to no avail. Unbeknownst perhaps to Warsawa, the dishonorable individuals, using surveillance operatives other than apartment building tenants and staff, would let Clark know that they were fully aware of his conversations with Warsawa, having their operatives repeat things Clark said and by taking action on things he said, particularly regarding surveillance activity. The hope of the dishonorable individuals in doing those things was most likely to get Clark to turn against young Warsawa. Of course, destroying positive interactions between people is their forte. Clark understands that for Warsawa, as a young man, gaining approval from so-called experienced men in important and he believes he is doing something important, something special, by committing wrongful acts on behalf of the dishonorable individuals. However, he is only violating Clark’s rights and violating the law by helping the dishonorable individuals. Left with no options, Clark has finally decided to reveal what Warsawa has been doing. Rursus prosperum ac felix scelus virtus vocatur; sontibus parent boni, ius est in armis, opprimit leges timor. (Once again prosperous and successful crime goes by the name of virtue; good men obey the bad, might is right and fear oppresses law.)

Through their abuse of power, the dishonorable federal officials and contractors have successfully torn Clark’s family away from peace and a happy life in what is a democratic society based on a Constitution. It is impossible to believe by any stretch of the imagination that any part of what the dishonorable individuals have done to Clark and his family could be called “professional conduct.” Under the law, the rights of its citizens must be protected. One might hypothesize that for those dishonorable individuals acting against Clark and his family, one is guilty when they say one is guilty. One is not presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. Be assured that none of what has been presented here is intended to serve as some banal amusement. The situation is real and the facts presented are true and accurate. It is Clark’so hope that all who have read what is presented here will take to heart the following words of the Lutheran pastor, theologian, and anti-Nazi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

If the removal of our essays and reviews has inconvenienced anyone among our loyal readers, greatcharlie offers its sincerest apologies.